Celebrate Your Customers’ Victories

As a young man, I saw in an email from LinkedIn that one of my connections had earned a significant promotion. I knew her as a friend of friends from college. We weren’t close, but we were both living in the same city at the time. I called her to congratulate her. In my mind it was a small, sincere gesture and nothing more.

To her, it was more significant. It turns out that I was the first and one of few to do so, even counting her closest friends and family. She was grateful for the recognition. I believe it played a role in her marrying me four years later.

In the daily onslaught of doing business we often forget the humanity of what we’re doing. Behind every element of our industry are people, people with all the ups and downs that life brings and all the sensitivities of being human.

Look for opportunities to acknowledge that and celebrate the victories the people around you achieve.

In this week’s issue of Nation’s Restaurant News, Robin Lee Allen calls out consumers’ favorite restaurant chains. This is significant because it is not a shareholder driven poll with favorites chosen based on robust portfolios and healthy bottom lines. These are the chains that have won the favor of the people they serve.

Many of these chains may be your customers or you may want them to be your customers. Take a minute to write a simple, sincere note of congratulations to the people at these chains. It doesn’t matter if you even get a response, the mark you leave will be indelible and you never know where it may lead.

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