You have to master Marketing 101 before you write your thesis

Imagine a 3D puzzle with pieces that continually change size and shape as you try to put it together. One piece launches into the stratosphere and becomes huge while another piece is a mere sliver compared to what it was five minutes ago. I’m not talking about the next Christopher Nolan thriller, but the marketing sphere of 2013.

Format that press release for the Web, no, wait, make that mobile.

We’re launching a huge contest on Facebook! Scratch that – put it on Pinterest.

Just when you think you have one platform or metric mastered, it could be old news. The beauty of marketing, however, is that no matter the venue the basics remain the same.

One campaign for a food client recently proved this theory.

  1. We executed market research to learn our target audience’s preferences.
  2. We distributed a PR alert based on its preferences.
  3. Bloggers responded to the alert with interest in writing a post.
  4. Blog goes live based on target audience preferences and topical content theme.
  5. Blog is so on point based on preferences and theme it’s not only well received it goes viral within the niche audience.
  6. Social media enables the niche audience to spread the content to its audiences.

These six steps show data from market research being converted into public relations. Public relations translated into content marketing. Content marketing spread through social media to become word-of-mouth marketing, which happens to be the oldest form of marketing on the planet.

As important as it is to stay up on trends in the marketing world (and with ever-evolving technology, it will always be important), the pillars of marketing prevent the puzzle from becoming unconquerable. 

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