Convert more: The inescapable 80/20 rule of sales leads

Too many companies focus on generating new leads to fill the pipeline.  Too few companies concentrate on increasing the percent of leads that convert to sales.  Here’s the ugly truth: 80% of sales occur after the 5th contact, but only 20% of leads are followed up. (Sources: SiriusDecisions, Aberdeen Group)

Imagine the positive impact on revenue of converting just a small percentage of existing leads into sales!  Is your marketing team ready to take these five steps to turn sales leads into hot prospects for your sales team?

  1. Collect and deliver meaningful lead data to sales
  2. Shorten sales-cycles with timely and relevant follow-ups to prospects
  3. Keep long-term prospects engaged with valuable content so that when the timing is right for them, you are on their short list of potential vendors
  4. Keep your sales team engaged by decreasing the number of low-quality leads and increasing the percentage of high-quality leads passed to sales
  5. Give your sales team something to talk about when they contact a qualified lead and provide the sales tools to effectively present your story

Do a majority of your company’s sales leads fall into the chasm between marketing and sales?  If so, shift a portion of your 2013 marketing budget from sales generation into sales nurturing, and bask in the sunshine of increased revenues.